We have four elected councillors who strive to work hard for the residents of Spelthorne.
We are an independent group.

Ian Harvey
Helen Harvey
Amar Brar
Olivia Rybinski

United Spelthorne Group

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Olivia Rybinski

Olivia has worked tirelessly to bring Zone 6 and Oyster card to the borough. She originally started a petition which has been signed by thousands of residents. As a big supporter of the light railway scheme which could run between Staines and London Heathrow, she believes this will be the chance to finally get contactless and cheaper fares for Spelthorne residents. She was a cabinet member for Economic Development, Transport and Customer Services for 3 years and supported Spelthorne’s ambitious property portfolio and building schemes. Outside of the council she has worked in property management for over 6 years in Mayfair. Managing a range of commercial and residential properties, she sets budgets for service charges, sources contractors and liaises with landlords/tenants to ensure client satisfaction and value for money. Having two young children, she also has been a volunteer for Ashford Youth Club and sits on the committee there. she is Vice Chair for Overview & Scrutiny.